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The Vapormatic Deluxe Vaporizer is for the nostalgic vapor enthusiasts. It has chrome accents with a stainless steel frame for a stylish, retro look. It has a quartz crystal heating element, an easy to use herb disk system, and control of both the fan speed and temperature setting. This feature allows the user to adjust the heat and fan speed while the Vapormatic Deluxe is still in operation. This vaporizer also has dual operational modes, direct inhalation mode using a whip and a bag-style option. It comes with an illuminated LCD screen on the front that gives the user an exact temperature reading.

Purchase includes:

  • Vapir Vapormatic Deluxe base
  • 2 pc. Inflation bags
  • 3 pc. Empty filling biscs
  • 2 pc. Tube attachments
  • X-Tip mouthpiece
  • Tweezers
  • Power cord 110V
  • Instructions