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    Local CBD Store in St Cloud MN

    Your local source for all things CBD and Kratom related.

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    Mr Nice Guys was the first CBD store in the Midwest and has been offering CBD since 2015. Our team of experts is the most knowledgeable about the products and we only carry the top brands in CBD. If you research he name brand of any of our products, you will see that they are the most highly regarded in the industry.

    Mr Nice Guys is the largest retailer of CBD products in the Midwest

    Looking for CBD Oil in St. Cloud? Mr. Nice Guys offer a wide variety of CBD oils, CBD edibles, CBD pet products, as well as over 40 different strain choices for CBD hemp flower buds. Mr Nice Guys CBD dispensary has the Midwest’s largest selection of CBD products. Mr. Nice Guys staff provide well-informed opinions and overviews on CBD products in store as well as the developing CBD market. The products offered are all top quality name brand products from reputable suppliers.

    No medical ID is required for CBD purchases through Mr Nice Guys. The only requirement is that you are at least 21 years of age.

    CBD bud near me.

    Mr Nice Guys carries over 40 different strains of raw CBD buds / flowers. Everything from Afgan Kush, Silver Haze, Grand Daddy Purps, Cheese, and Girl Scout Cookies to more exotic strains like Miley Cyrus. All buds are tested for potency and are sold at a variety of price points starting at less than $20 an eighth ounce.

    CBD edibles include gummy candy, chocolate, giraffe nuts and more.

    A large selection of CBD edibles are available including a massive amount of gummy candy in over 15 different flavors. Other options include hard candies, CBD chocolate, taffy and “giraffe nuts” (pretzels coated with CBD chocolate). A wide range of dosages are available and expert help is ready to answer any questions you may have.

    Multiple CBD choices include full spectrum, broad spectrum and isolate derived

    When looking for CBD oils in your area it is important to know what you are looking for. Many people are familiar with the standard CBD oils and CBD edibles but have not had an opportunity to try a wide variety of options.

    When talking about the differences in local CBD and some of the best-selling CBD oil brands on the market, it is important to distinguish between the 3 types of oil that are available. Those three are:

    • Full Spectrum CBD oil
    • Broad Spectrum CBD oil
    • Isolate derived CBD oil.

    Full spectrum oils/extracts are extracts that will contain all the compounds that would naturally be found in the hemp plant including terpenes, essential oils, and cannabinoids. Full spectrum oils offer better activation and more potent effects being that they are less refined.

    Broad spectrum oils/extracts are classified as having a mixture between both Isolate and Full Spectrum CBD. The primary benefit of broad-spectrum oils and extracts is that there is the potential for the “entourage effect” or enhanced effects from a blend of non-psychoactive cannabinoids, terpenes, and essential oils.

    Last but most certainly not least is going to be the CBD isolates. CBD isolates are the purest possible form of CBD containing in some cases as little as .9% impurity. Isolate is produced by removing all other parts of the plant including terpenes and plant matter. A small amount of isolate is the most potent form of CBD or CBD in its raw form if you will.

    CBD legal weed near me.

    CBD Bud / Flower can be smoked in a pipe, rolled into a joint, or used to make extracts and butters. Mr Nice Guys carries over 40 varieties of raw CBD buds of various potency. All CBD buds are lab tested for quality assurance.

    Cheeba chews near me in saint cloud minnesota.

    CBD Edibles include taffy, chocolate, gummies, drinks, hard candies and more. Pictured above is a popular favorite, Cheeba Chews taffy. The company was one of the first to make CBD edibles and is known worldwide for their quality product.

    Pre rolled CBD joints available in Minnesota legal.

    Prerolled joints are available for those who wish to smoke CBD directly. Smoking is the fastest and most efficient delivery method. Pictured above is a “Caviar Joint” which is a prerolled joint of top shelf bud that is rolled in high quality oil, then rolled in keif.

    Terpenes for sale in Minnesota. Weed extracts.

    Terpenes are aromatic oils that color cannabis varieties with distinctive flavors and effects. By mixing terpenes with your CBD oil, you can alter the effects and benefits of the mixture. The flavor and smell can be enhanced.

    What type of CBD is best for me? How much CBD do I take at once?

    From the three choices listed above, which is the best one? Each of the three oils and extracts boasts its own large advantages but at the end of the day it comes down to what you personally need.

    It has been advised that for a dosing scale for general health purposes an individual should take between 2.5mg of CBD to 15mg of CBD. For anxiety and stress, it is recommended to take between 15 to 35 mg of CBD. For chronic pain, it is recommended to dose at 30 to 50mg or more.

    • 2.5mg to 15mg for general health
    • 15mg to 35mg for anxiety and stress
    • 30mg to 50mg for chronic pain

    With this information, there is a wide variety of local CBD options to choose from. If your looking for CBD buds, CBD oils, tinctures, lotions, patches, shatter, isolates or virtually any other CBD product, Mr Nice Guys has what you need in a quality product that you are sure to be satisfied with.

    Largest selection of CBD oil in Saint Cloud Minnesota.

    Mr Nice Guys is an authorized distributor of Green Roads CBD.

    Mr Nice Guys is your local St Cloud CBD Store with plenty of options

    General health purposes refer to everyday health and can be treated like taking your standard multivitamins, however instead of your common everyday vitamins you’re getting a supercharged system of CBD. Individuals who are in this category can shop the entire selection of CBD products that Mr. Nice guys has to offer with the peace of mind that whatever you choose, it will meet the general health dosing recommendation.

    Individuals in the Stress and anxiety dosing range share a similar peace of mind and ease of shopping as there are a wide range of products on the market offered by Mr. Nice Guys from CBD oils to CBD bath bombs.

    Some of the CBD products we carry:

    • CBD pills / capsules / tablets
    • CBD raw buds (can be smoked)
    • CBD prerolled joints
    • CBD cigarettes / hemp cigarettes
    • CBD oils
    • CBD drops
    • CBD vape cartridges
    • CBD Juul pods
    • CBD taffy
    • CBD chocolates
    • CBD gummies
    • CBD lollipops
    • CBD hard candy
    • CBD powder
    • CBD dabs
    • CBD shatter
    • CBD isolates
    • CBD butter
    • CBD wax
    • CBD tinctures
    • CBD distillate
    • CBD vape juice
    • CBD infused water & beverages
    • CBD topical patches
    • CBD lotions and creams
    • CBD bath bombs

    Many individuals will look into vaping CBD products such as our pre-filled cartridges or our fill yourself systems. Vaping CBD provides a discrete, convenient, and portable methods of using CBD in your day to day life without hindering your lifestyle.

    Lastly, is Chronic pain dossing, at this level customers are recommended to take a little more time selecting their products and asking for staff input. There are a wide variety of dosages available in all three forms of oil, however not all will be enough.

    This is where we really start to look at higher strength hemp flower as well as tinctures and oils. Tinctures are an alcohol-infused extraction process that allows for much higher potency to be possible. However, it is very important to note that no tincture can ever be vaporized because they are an alcohol based infusion.

    Will I fail a drug test if I take CBD?

    All of the CBD available at Mr NIce Guys has 0.3% THC content or less. You would need to consume a massive amount in order to fail a drug test. Mr Nice Guys also offers CBD with 0% THC content so that you can rest assured that no THC is present in your CBD product.

    Have questions? Talk to an experienced staff member today.

    Call one of our experienced CBD experts today. Want to know how much CBD costs? How much CBD you should take? Wondering about the medical benefits? Call us today at 1-320-674-7777

    Buy Kratom near me in saint cloud minnesota.

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    What about kratom? What is kratom and where can I find kratom in St. Cloud, Minnesota?

    If you need a local retailer for kratom, Mr. Nice Guys has you covered. As a vendor of kratom for over 4 years, Mr. Nice Guys has developed a quality selection of kratom products. Mr Nice Guys offers white, red, and green veins in both capsules as well as containers of kratom powder.

    Many individuals have many questions about kratom in general and hopefully, as you read on this can help answer a few of those most commonly asked questions. Many customers want to know what the specific effects of kratom are. As a general rule of thump White Veins are going to be more energizing, Green Veins will be more euphoric, and red Veins are going to be more pain relieving and sedative.

    Is kratom legal in Minnesota? How do you take kratom?

    Absolutely. 100% kratom is both federally legal as well as being legal in our home state of Minnesota. Kratom can be taken in a number of ways. Some individuals will brew it into a tea, others will eat the raw powder, while others will take it in capsules.

    Is kratom dangerous? What if I take too much?

    The big question most people want to know: is kratom dangerous? Kratom is extremely safe to use and is a relative of the coffee plant. Like coffee, daily use can cause cravings however usage must be heavy and frequent in order to experience these feelings. If an exceedingly large amount of kratom is taken over the recommended 8 grams individuals may experience feelings of nausea and vomiting.

    Have questions? Talk to an experienced staff member today.

    Call one of our experienced kratom experts today. Want to know how much kratom costs? How much kratom you should take? Wondering about the medical benefits? Call us today at 1-320-674-7777