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    Midwest’s Largest Selection of Heady Glass

    Glass pipes near me in St Cloud MN smoke shop and head shop.

    Looking for glass pipes near me? Want a custom heady dab rig that will function as good as it looks? Mr Nice Guys carries a massive variety of glass smoking pipes in every possible configuration imaginable. All glass pipes offered are first quality, guaranteed authentic from the top brands. The pieces are blown glass by the worlds top glass blowing artists. Each piece is hand selected for appearance, quality and functionality.

    Nothing is more frustrating than buying a new glass pipe and realizing that it doesn’t smoke very well. The piece may look cool, but is too short (burn you when you light it). The water pipe you purchased may not percolate and function as it should. The dab rig you have may not be of the correct geometry and size to get a proper hit.

    Mr Nice Guys uses buyers with over 50 years of smoke shop experience. The products we offer are guaranteed to hit properly and function as a true smoke connoisseur would demand. We often find hidden features with the design of the piece that we will show you, like ice pinches, reclaim catching ability, unique functioning peculators, unique functioning chokes and other technological advances.

    We make sure the pieces stand up properly so they are not easily tipped over. We often purchase our glass pipes on site, to insure that we can pick out only the top quality pieces. We often avoid buying multiple pieces of the same type- so that you don’t buy a piece and later on meet someone who has the same exact one. Your glass pipe should be as unique and individual as you are. It should preform to the highest standards and be something that you use for years.

    Our smoke shop was founded by true smoking connoisseurs who value only the best in 420 smoking technology. The Saint Cloud area has trusted us for over a decade to provide them with the top quality products and highest level of expertise. We encourage you to stop by our downtown St. Cloud location to learn first hand what makes our products unique.