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    Is CBD legal in Minnesota? Here are the details

    How to get medical cannabis in Minnesota. Doctor for writing prescription for Leafline labs is not necessary.

    Do you need a prescription for Marijuana in Minnesota? What about CBD? Whats the difference between the two? Places like Leaf Line Labs are sources for medical cannabis in the St Cloud area. They offer legal marijuana in Minnesota but it does come with a catch- you must be prescribed by a doctor and obtain a medical license. Minnesota’s medical cannabis program is highly restrictive, difficult to obtain and insanely expensive. You can easily spend over $500 just obtaining your medical card. The process is complex and the medical conditions covered are slim.

    So what do you do if you’re interested in the benefits of medical marijuana but aren’t able to qualify for a medical card? What if you need to pass a drug test for work or other situation? CBD offers all of the same medical benefits of cannabis without the extraordinary cost and complex process of getting a medical license. You can enter our licensed store, Mr Nice Guys, and simply pick out the products you would like. There are no limits to what you can purchase. You can buy as much CBD as you want in any strength you desire. And the price is significantly less.

    • Mr Nice Guys does not require a medical ID to purchase
    • Save up to $500 over getting a Minnesota medical card
    • Instant purchase available, no waiting
    • Larger selection of products including Buds / Flower that you can smoke
    • Candy and edibles are also available
    • MN licensed Medical cannabis dispensaries only offer liquid and vape oil options (no candy, bud, topical patches, etc)
    • Medical cards are difficult to obtain and expensive
    • You walk in our store and leave with your bud quickly and hassle free
    • Our prices are on average 1/4 of a MN Medical facility… 1g of oil for $20 versus $150 at Leafline Labs!
    • Our products are higher quality and are made by large national companies (MN Medical is only grown at 2x locations, limited options)

    To recap, Mr Nice Guys offers top shelf quality bud at a significantly reduced cost. The quality is better and no medical ID is required. Simply come in to the store and buy what you desire. The selection is much larger and informed staff are here to answer any questions you may have. Our CBD store selection is open extended hours, 7 days per week and no appointment is required. We encourage you to stop by and view the large selection of available products yourself.

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