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    Minnesota Recreational Dispensary Near Me

    Is marijuana legal in minnesota? This article explains the laws for recreational weed in Minnesota.

    Are you looking for a recreational marijuana dispensary in the St Cloud, Sauk rapids, Waite Park, Saint Augusta, St Joseph or Monticello area? Wondering what the laws are regarding legal weed? Minnesota legalized cannabis in the summer of 2023. Adults are now able to possess, use and purchase various legal marijuana products in MN. You do not need a prescription. The only requirement is that you are 21 years or older. There are no limits to how much cannabis products you can purchase.

    • Mr Nice Guys sells legal cannabis products in our Saint Cloud, Minnesota store
    • Cannabis products are legal to possess, use and purchase
    • You can purchase as many as you’d like

    With the laws passed in the summer of 2023, there is a frame work in progress for full access to legal marijuana products. Starting August 1, it is legal to possess cannabis products. Retail stores were then required to obtain registration with the state of Minnesota to sell cannabis products. The state of Minnesota is in the process of finalizing the rules for the full sale of all marijuana products. The products that retailers are able to offer are required to confirm to certain standards.


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    The current laws allow retailers to sell various products containing THC. These products are all considered “Edible” products and are taken orally. When referring to a legal recreational dispensary in Minnesota, stores like Mr Nice Guys are able to sell the edible products only. These products include THC gummies, THC chocolates, THC candies, THC colas, THC lemonade, THC seltzers, THC pretzels as well as several other products containing THC cannabis.

    These products will get you high! It is important to take a small dose initially. You want to see how your body reacts before taking more. You do not want to eat the whole bag at once. Only eat 1/2 a serving or 1 serving max. Once you know how your body reacts, you can increase your amount taken.

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    What about Marijuana Bud, Flower, THC Vapes and THC Carts?

    These products will be legal starting in the spring of 2025. Minnesota Recreational Dispensary will be able to obtain licensing to sell these products at that time. Mr Nice Guys will provide access to as many products as possible under current laws. We have plenty of THC products that you can legally buy today. Visit our retail store located downtown Saint Cloud for central Minnesota’s largest selection of legal THC cannabis products.